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About Us

Some Like It Hott is the go-to destination for women's health issues related to menopause. Our compassionate and inclusive platform offers a supportive community where women find understanding, camaraderie, and real solutions. Join us as we break societal taboos, empower women, and transform the menopausal journey into a time of growth and celebration. 

Some Like It Hott
Some Like It Hott

Our Vision

Our vision at Some Like It Hott is to be the leading wellness podcast that boldly addresses women's health and menopause, challenging societal taboos and breaking barriers. We aim to create a diverse and inclusive community where women can come together, share their stories, and find inspiration in the expertise and experiences of health professionals, psychologists, women's care and wellness gurus, celebrities, and everyday individuals. Through our collective celebration of the wonders of menopause, we envision a world where women embrace this transformative phase with pride and embrace the heat of change. 

Meet The Team

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Franca Stadvec
Founder, Creator, Warrior 

Franca Stadvec is a multi-talented individual, donning the roles of a devoted Mom, passionate Entrepreneur, dedicated Fitness and Wellness Guru, accomplished Writer, compassionate Reiki Healer, and fierce Menopause Warrior. With an unwavering mission, Franca aims to cut through the noise of the 18 billion dollar menopause market and uncover genuine solutions for women aged 35-65 who face challenges during their menopause journey. 


Having experienced the transformative phase of menopause firsthand, Franca knows the importance of demystifying this life stage and empowering women to discover sustainable solutions for lasting health, happiness, and confidence. Her vision is to elevate menopause to the forefront of women's health, shedding light on the significance of embracing this profound journey with strength and grace. 


Franca lives in Woodland Hills, CA and shares her home with two adorable dogs, Benni and Mr. Moon, and her supportive husband, Michael, who is also a fellow menopause thriver. With her unique blend of experiences and expertise, Franca continues to be a guiding force in the lives of countless women, fostering a supportive community that celebrates the wonders of menopause. 


Through her podcasts, writings, healing sessions, and entrepreneurial ventures, Franca Stadvec touches the lives of women across the globe, empowering them to find their inner power and thrive during menopause and beyond. She embodies the spirit of resilience, compassion, and determination, inspiring women to embrace the heat of change and unlock the true potential that lies within. 


Tammy Saunt
Producer / Editor

Tammy Saunt is a seasoned entertainment manager / event and film producer, renowned for her expertise in orchestrating unforgettable experiences. However, it was her own personal mid-life journey that ignited a passionate quest for menopause solutions. When confronted with the sudden onset of hot flashes and irritability, Tammy's journey for answers and solutions took a transformative turn when she crossed paths with Franca, discovering a kindred spirit and mentor who opened her eyes to the latest menopause news and breakthroughs.  

Tammy and her family are profoundly grateful for the serendipitous meeting with Franca, as it has profoundly impacted her journey through menopause and transformed her life. Now, she is dedicated to sharing the same empowering experiences with women worldwide, illuminating their paths with the light of hope and discovery.  As a dedicated producer and editor for Some Like It Hott Podcast, Tammy plays a pivotal role in bringing the transformative stories and expert insights to life. With each episode, she strives to empower women with knowledge, illuminating the latest developments in the world of menopause. 

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