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Embrace The Heat! Unleash Your Fire!
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Welcome to
Some Like It Hott

The ultimate podcast destination for women's health issues related to menopause.

We believe menopause is a powerful and transformative phase that deserves celebration, support, and understanding. Our mission is to empower women on their menopausal journey by providing a fearless and compassionate platform where we explore and demystify this transformative phase.

Franca and Tammy

Some Like It Hott Flame

Tackle the taboo topics
surrounding menopause!

We're here to ignite real conversations, providing expert insights, and sharing real-life stories from women who have walked this path.

Featured Episode

Episode 2: Is Menopause Affecting My Relationship?

Our guest,  NANCY SISCOWIC, also known as "The Menopause Lady," talks about how your hormones and physical menopause issues such as loss of libido, weight gain, hot flashes, dryness, depression may be affecting some of your relationships with your family and friends. She breaks down what is happening to your body and how might be affecting you and others. Nancy is a nurse practitioner in Women's health, psychological and mental health, member of NAMS, spiritual director and author of a breast cancer survivor memoir "The Menopause Lady."  Visit her at

Did you know we have a library stocked full of articles, book reviews and resources to supplement your transformative journey?

Head on over to Episodes and Extras to access all of our episodes and to get the links to our recommended resources.

Join Our Menopause Warriors

Join Our Menopause Warriors

Our tribe includes women of all walks of life - brave warriors who have experienced the wonders of menopause firsthand. Through their stories, you'll find camaraderie, support, and a sense of belonging. Embrace the heat and be part of a community that celebrates this transformative phase. 


Be the first to know about new episode drops, product launches, and exclusive offers and opportunities for our tribe.  Whether you're seeking practical solutions, expert advice, or simply a listening ear, Some Like It Hott is your go-to destination for all things menopause. Explore our latest episodes and dive into a world of knowledge, empowerment, and inspiration.

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